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  1. Suspension, rear and front axle
  2. Transmission and gear box
  3. Computer diagnostics
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WORKING DAYS:  09:00 – 18:00
SATURDAY: 09:00 – 18:00
URGENT: 0888 86 70 50


Sofia, lyulin 2,
str. „Pantcho Vladigerov“ № 60

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0888 86 70 50

Mobile: 0888 86 70 50
Phone: 02/927 00 28

Avtofar LTD

Avtofar Ltd. is on Bulgarian market since 1995. Until 2011 year the main activity of the company is import and selling of genuine spare parts and cartridges. Since 2011 owns a car service- Avtofar service. The company owns 3 stores, which dispose with wide range of genuine and alternative spare parts and cartridges for these following brands: OPEL, SKODA, AUDI, SEAT, CHEVROLET, FORD, RENAULT, PEGUEOT, CITROEN.
Our customers are car services and private clients. Our purpose is to satisfy the requirements of our customers.
We collaborate with traders and producers from Bulgaria, Germany, Italy, Denmark, Belgium. We have a flexible policy of discounts and special conditions for our partners. The equipment and the material base responding to the contemporary requirements of high servicing.
Avtofar service Ltd. is part of independent chain of services, conception to AUTOEXPERT. We offer:
– competence
– alternative decisions by different trade brands and price options.


Our services


Suspension, rear and front axle

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Suspension-replacement of tie rods, replacement of axle joints…

Brake system

Repair of brake system

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Replacement of brake discs, replacement of brake pads, replacement of brake…


Complete replacement of cartridges

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Replacement of engine oil, cabin, fuel, air and oil filters, timing chain kits…


Replacement of clutch kit, replacement of release bearings, replacement…
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Computer diagnoses petrol and diesel engines and auto eletronics…
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E. installation

Revision and repair of the electricity installation,replacement of …
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Ignition system

Replacement of spark plugs, replacement of glow plugs…
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Disassembly, installation and tire balancing on a stand…
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